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Favorite TV show characters

On this page I will try to present some of my favorite TV show characters and the actors that play them. Some of those actors may never make it to the big screen, but nowadays that does not mean that they can not be as famous as their movie collegues. Well, let’s see…

Greg Grunberg:

I’ll start off with Mr. Matt Parkman, police officer and mind reader from the hit TV show “Heroes”. I once took a facebook quiz called “Which Heroes character are you” and well I tried to be as truthfull as I could and it turned out that I am Matt Parkman.

The charming “sligtly overweight Keanu Reeves” (imdb forum comment) is one of the less powerful heroes, but with his extraordinary power he can help solve a lot of mysteries and problems. It might seem that in a world of lightning bolt shooting, invisible and flying superhero characters, the mind reader takes the last place, but I must admit, his talent is one of the most interesting to have in our world today. Knowing the truth and being able to know what people think would be more useful at times than to be able to fly or throw a truck.

Parkman is also one of the nice guys, though being corrupted at times to do things he wouldn’t normally do, like taking Benett’s family hostage. He has trouble knowing what is right and what is wrong, having worked for the police for too long and finding out, that not everything is that easy to define. Being able to read people’s minds can lead to finding out truths he may not have wanted to find out in the first place. There we can find a connection to the whole “Matrix” story and thus again to Keanu Reeves 😉

In the second season, the confused Parkman has turned into a caring father figure for Molly. Maybe because she, as a child, speaks the truth he does not feel compelled to read her mind.

I think Matt Parkman will still play an important role in the development of the “Heroes” story.

Topher Grace:

One other character I always liked and wanted to portray is Eric Foreman. Topher Grace plays the 17-year old boy from Point Place in Wisconsin, being a teenager in the 70’s. “That 70’s show” ran for 8 seasons and I always considered it one of the funnier shows on TV. In the last season, Eric left for Africa and Calso (played by Ashton Kutcher) moved away. Losing two of the funniest characters in the show was the crushing blow that took the show down.

Mr. T

Hello ?! Do I need to say anything more ? “I ain’t gettin’ in no plane !”


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